Multifunctional Lecture Hall in RANEPA

Brullov Management completed the partial upgrading of the audiovisual complex in the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Moscow).

The structure of the audiovisual complex includes all the necessary subsystems:

The complex takes into account the multitasking functionality of the room, the ability to hold various, including international events - from streaming lectures and seminars to round tables and business games, provides for the connection of systems for recording and broadcasting content, video conferencing.

Video switching is implemented on Kramer DVI-D signals matrix switcher, installed on the rack in the control operating room. There are several points for connecting laptops and other portable devices at the operator’s workplace and in the hall. Automated television is based on AMS equipment (Russia), display system – on the base of Digital Projection Projectors, wall mounted video walls and moveable LCD panels. 

Conference System with Simultaneous Interpretation Function

The conference system is based on Televic Plixus equipment with Televic T-CI and Televic T-DI tabletop microphone units, and support various room transformations. In addition, due to the possibility of a ring connection, reliability is increased during the most important events: in the case of a hardly probable, but possible failure of one of the consoles, or a break of one of the cables, the system remains operational. If necessary, Televic Confidea Wireless G3 mobile wireless conference system is also connected in the hall,  providing additional flexibility and freedom from wires. Connecting interpreter consoles to a conference system with Televic Aladdin T8 8-channel transmitter and two Televic Lingua RAD H IR emitters allows simultaneous interpretation of a speaker.

Sound Reinforcement and Audio Mixing Subsystem

The subsystem is implemented on the basis of a digital audio platform. Symetrix Prism 16x16  provides independent switching of all connected audio signals with the ability to adjust the sound level for each input and output channel; dynamic processing of the audio signal (equalization, compression, suppression of acoustic feedback, echo cancellation); integration with the Control Subsystem.

Control Subsystem

The Control Subsystem of the Complex is based on ControlCUE-two controller installed in a rack, as well as the operator’s personal computer in the control operating room. The controller and devices that are controlled via the Ethernet port are connected to a common local control network, which provides control of the entire complex from a workplace equipped with a personal computer with installed appCUE software.
Ability for full transformation of the hall: the ability to add/remove microphone units using a touchscreen in a matter of seconds right in the interface, move them according to the hall scheme, change the captions, re-save the camera presets is one of the unique features of the interface created on the basis of the latest CUE technologies.