Multimedia Complex for the Central House of the Entrepreneur

Softline in partnership with Brullov Management implemented a project for the supply, installation and commissioning of equipment for Multimedia Complex for the Central House of the Entrepreneur.

The Central House of the Entrepreneur (CHE) is the largest cultural and business center in the capital created to unite city entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurial initiatives, and hold events aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses.
The main purpose of the CHE is to organize and carry out public events in the cultural and business sphere: conferences, corporate events, forums, exhibitions, seminars, competitions, festivals.

Within the project scope an extensive complex of works was performed:

Installation of the center video wall

The central video wall is installed in the hall and consists of 32 AMS panels (Russia) with the diagonal of 55. To control the video wall, a controller of the same manufacturer is provided with the ability to connect up to 4 video sources and having 8 independent outputs to form a single picture. The processor has installed specialized software that allows to freely configure the video wall workspace with the output of several video sources simultaneously and/or with switching between different layers seamlessly.

Installation of sound reinforcement system in the large cinema hall

Sound reinforcement kit built on high-tech acoustic systems Fohhn and consists of the following components:
Equipping 12 rooms with video display and switching systems

The primary video display is a video wall consisting of 9 or 12 Delta LCD panels with the diagonal of  46” in a configuration of 3 x 3 and 3 x 4.
AS signal sources it can be mobile devices that connect to wall-mounted panels with appropriate connectors, a mini PC with a PTZ USB-controlled camera that can be used as a video conferencing terminal using Skype, Lync, etc., Kramer VIA Connect Pro video-sharing system.
Switching signals from the panels is produced by Kramer VP-443 scaler.
The main element of the sound reinforcement system is a digital audio platform. Symetrix Solus 8, having 8 line-level or microphone-level audio inputs with the function of dynamic processing, equalization and suppression of feedback acoustic communication on each channel and 8 line-level outputs. 
Shure MX418D/S18’ gooseneck condenser microphone is used to transmit the presenter’s speech.
For optimum performance, Crown XLS 1000 dual-channel amplifier is installed with two-way speakers JBL Control 25AV.
The control system provides several interfaces for users with different level of training. The main element is a separate controller that supports the control of external devices via RS-232/422/485, IP, IR, “dry” contacts and relays. Control interfaces are available via  CUE touchCUE-7-W touch panel and via iPad.