Sberbank Corporate University

A large-scale and state-of-the-art multimedia complex project for the Sberbank Corporate University has been recently completed by Lanit and Brullov Management.

The university campus is designed to take into account the best international practices of corporate training centers and has a multifunctional infrastructure of the highest level, providing the possibility of holding any business conferences, as well as training activities for the development of all fields of Sberbank’s activity.

Brullov Management acted as a subcontractor of Lanit for the development of solutions, supply, installation and commissioning of conference systems, sound processing systems and Digital Signage systems based on the equipment from the leaders of the modern AV industry: Televic, Symetrix, Tripleplay. Brullov Management specialists also implemented Crestron control systems programming and integrated audio and video systems commissioning in all classrooms, as well as in a number of university conference rooms.

All classrooms, transforming rooms and conference rooms in the buildings of the university are equipped with conference systems with the simultaneous interpretation function. Depending on the type of room, there were used whether Televic Confidea Wireless Conference System  G3, or Televic Confidea Wired Conference System.

The campus is also equipped with a distributed sound processing and routing system based on 40 Symetrix Digital Audio Platforms Radius. In addition to the tasks of switching, processing and distributing sound, which are already standard for such premises, a universal system of uniting lecture and conference halls for holding general events has been organized on the basis of Symetrix equipment. This audio switching system with a capacity of 480x320 inputs is included in the single network infrastructure of the educational institution and uses Dante protocol for transmitting uncompressed digital multi-channel audio signal.

The university campus is the ideal platform to deploy a multi-functional system, Digital signage and IPTV by TriplePlay. The customer receives the maximum return on investment, as the tasks intended for completely different purposes and being very similar in terms of technical implementation are integrated within the unified system: The recording of all lectures and events that take place, information and advertising content broadcasting on the monitors in the common areas of the university, hotel television of the highest class for the university hotel. TriplePlay System with 400 screens was installed within the project scope, of which 330 screens belongs to hotel television and 70 screens are installed in common areas.  Students have the opportunity to access previously recorded videos from seminars, lectures and other events through the hotel TV system, and there are plans for the future to implement such access from any mobile devices via the university’s Wi-Fi network.

In general, the solutions implemented at this facility make it possible to fully operate Sberbank Corporate University as a fully-fledged, state-of-the-art European-level training center, providing the most extensive opportunities in organizing an effective training process for Sberbank employees, including middle and senior managers.