Multifunctional Lecture Hall at the Moscow Institute of Open Education

Softline in partnership with Brullov Management implemented a project on complex equipping of Multi-Functional Lecture Hall at the Moscow Institute of Open Education.

Moscow Institute of Open Education (MIOO) is a leading Moscow university for advanced training and retraining of educators, combining traditions and innovations. 

As part of the project, a complex of works on the delivery, installation and commissioning of an audiovisual complex for supporting events was performed.

As the main video display was used a video wall based on 4 narrow bezel 55 diagonal AMS LCD panels.
The main element of the sound reinforcement system is digital audio platform Symetrix Radius 12x8EX, including 12 analog microphone/line inputs, 8 analog line level outputs and a network Dante™ 64x64 audio port. The audio platform performs mixing, switching and sound processing of all audio signals in the system. In addition, an optional card with ports for connecting to an analog telephone line was installed in auxiliary audio platform slot. This solution allows to carry out telephone conferences with remote  participants using the equipment of the complex: microphones, loudspeakers, external audio sources, etc.

Microphone units are installed at the workplace in the lecture hall. Televic Confidea L-DD, which along with chairman Confidea L-CD unit are connected to Televic Confidea CU central unit via twisted pair cable. This solution supports ring topology, which ensures that the microphone system is operational even if the cable is broken at any point in the circuit.

A universal Epiphan Pearl device is used for recording and broadcasting video, allowing to capture the signal from four HD video sources and transfer recording in real time. Another Epiphan device, DVI2USB3.0 grabber, allows to capture video signals on PC for videoconferencing via Skype or other video client software.

The core of the video switching system is modular Kramer VS-1616D/STANDALONE matrix switcher. Connection interfaces are used to display external video sources. These are Kramer TBUS-3XL and Kramer VIA COLLAGE interactive system, which allows to show screenshots of mobile devices, including those based on Android and iOS, and simultaneously display up to 6 windows from various sources.

An important element of the switching system is Analog Way SmartMatriX2 multi-window video processor, which carries out seamless switching of signals from PTZ cameras installed in the hall, and video sources displayed on the central video wall. 

The control system is implemented on the basis of controlCUE-two controller and touchCUE-7 tabletop wired touch panel. This terminal is used to manage all the controllable devices of the complex, which provides an efficient and reliable way to carry out events, even without the participation of the operator.